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Don't get locked out in the cold!

Store your spare keys with KeyBOSS.



Have Peace of Mind

We'll be there to let you in when you lock yourself out.

A great option for SENIORS and STUDENTS.

How it Works

1. You schedule a service consultation where we pickup the keys for your designated locks and review security protocols with you.

2. When you lock yourself out, you call or text us.

3. We'll come ASAP and unlock your lock.


Lockout Service is Available for:

Houses / Condos / Apartments / Vehicles / Padlocks

+ Virtually anything that locks with a key!


$5.00 / month

Less than $0.083 / day / Lock

(on a 1-Year Subscription: $60.00)

Maximum 2 Lockout Service Calls / Year

Coverage: 2 Locks 

(E.g. House, car)

Service Availability: 7:00AM - 7:00PM*

Most Popular!


$7.50 / month

Less than $0.062 / day / Lock

(on a 1-Year Subscription: $90.00)

Maximum 3 Lockout Service Calls / Year

Coverage: 4 Locks 

(E.g. Apartment, scooter, bicycle, gym)

Service Availability: 7:00AM - 7:00PM*


$10.00 / month

Less than $0.055 / day / Lock

(on a 1-Year Subscription: $120.00)

Maximum 4 Lockout Service Calls / Year

Coverage: 6 Locks 

(E.g. House, condo, motorcycle, + 3 more locks!)

Service Availability: 7:00AM - 7:00PM*

Platinum 24-Hour

$50.00 / month

Less than $0.165 / day / Lock

(on a 1-Year Subscription: $600.00)

Maximum 6 Lockout Service Calls / Year

Coverage: 10 Locks 

(E.g. House, condo, car, + 7 more locks!)

Service Availability: 24-Hours*

How Does KeyBOSS Secure My Keys?

KeyBOSS client keys are stored using a secured database pairing system, whereby each key is identified only by a physically labelled number. The respective private details for each numbered key are maintained in a secured digital database. Without database access, lost or stolen keys are useless to any potential bad actors.


KeyBOSS Service Area

South of WISLON AVE.




Brought to you by

The K9 Care Company


KeyBOSS is a sister business to our dog walking/boarding/pet services business, The K9 Care Company. In fact, it is where we came up with the idea for lockout services. One of our responsibilities at The K9 Care Company is going into peoples homes when they are away, to walk their dogs or care for their pets. Our clients have placed their trust in us, and so can you. Please visit to see what our clients have to say!


*KeyBOSS Service Parameters

KeyBOSS lockout service reserves the right to be unavailable for a maximum of 21-days per calendar year; clients will be notified in advance of the dates in question. During the service consultation we will obtain a current picture of each client authorized to use each key, which will then be used in conjunction with a pre-determined security code-word to validate client identity during a lockout service call. 

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