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Dog Walking & Boarding

Toronto, Ontario

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Safe & Responsible
Dog Walking

We Walk Dogs of All Ages, Breeds, and Sizes

Does your dog have special physical or behavioural needs? Have you been turned away by other dog walkers?  Contact us, we may be able to help! 


Our Top Priority is  Safety!

As dog lovers and experienced owners ourselves, we understand that your dog is a cherished member of your family, and we treat them as such! Your dog will never be taken off leash. (Unless specifically requested, and then only at designated City of Toronto off leash areas). Our vehicle is equipped with a secure barrier to ensure distraction-free driving, and is equipped with blankets, toys, and carpets to make your beloved canine's travel time safe, clean, comfortable, and enjoyable.

Rain, Snow, or Shine, We'll  Be There!

We pride ourselves on our reliability and consistency. No snow storm is too big, no rain is too much. No minivan for us! We drive a 4X4 Toyota 4Runner to safely transport our canine companions. As long is it is safe to be outside, rest assured we will be there to make sure your canine friend gets their much needed walk.

Dog Walking Reports

After each walk we provide a brief walking report complete with picture(s)!

Bonded and Insured

The K9 Care Company is Bonded and Insured by ProFur Insurance for Pet Care Professionals.


$25 / Half Hour Walk

Discounts Available for Multiple Dogs from the Same Household.


What Do Our DOG WALKING Clients Think?


"Joe is incredible, my pup adores him and seems so much happier getting to hang out and walk with him. I have such a peace of mind knowing he spends time with her while we're at work. Would recommend him to anyone !!"

- Krystle D.

Home Style

Dog Boarding

A Loving, Safe, Comfortable Environment

No cages, no cold concrete, no isolation. For the duration of their stay your dog will be a member of our family and will stay with us in our home. All of our furniture is pet friendly! If your canine companion prefers a crate or has their own bed, please bring it, along with their favourite toys, blankets, and treats. We want your dog to be as comfortable as possible.


Regular Updates!

For the duration of your dog's stay you will receive regular text message updates about how your canine companion is doing. Our boarding services include regular walks and frequent bathroom breaks. Safety is our top priority; your dog will never be taken off leash. Our vehicle is equipped with a secure barrier to ensure distraction-free driving, and is equipped with blankets, toys, and carpets to make the travel experience safe, clean, and comfortable.

Bonded and Insured

The K9 Care Company is Bonded and Insured by ProFur Insurance for Pet Care Professionals.


$59 / Day

$20 Pick-up & Drop-off Shuttle Service *

* Shuttle Service fees may vary based on location.


What Do Our BOARDING Clients Think?


"Joe and Rebecca were amazing with my dog, Charlie! I loved the photos and updates. I knew that Charlie would be in good hands and well taken care of the moment I dropped him off. Thank you both for everything!"

- Allie C.

Over 47 FIVE-STAR Reviews on


Pet Services


Enjoy your time away from home knowing your beloved pets will be fed and watered daily. Not only that, we'll send you a text message update after each visit, along with a picture or two of your little companions.


Lions, and Tigers, and Bears...

Okay, maybe not lions, tigers, and bears, but our pet services do cover a vast array of pets, including cats, reptiles, rodents, rabbits, fish, birds, and more. Not sure if your pets are covered? Text or email us anytime!

$25 / Day (One visit per Day) 

$45 / Day (Two visits per day)

Pet Services
About Us

A Little About Us

My Name is Joe Norman, I am a fitness enthusiast with a PhD in Biology. My wife, Rebecca Norman, is a Recreation Therapist.


We are dog people!


Together throughout our lives we have had a variety of dogs, including Jack Russels, Beagles, Poodle mixes, Corgie mixes, Boxers, Greyhounds, Labrador Retrievers, Golden Retrievers, and Pomeranians.


However, for the first time in our lives, we find ourselves without a dog of our own. We miss the company of canine companions and thus take great pleasure in caring for the beloved dogs of other families. This is why we created The K9 Care Company. Unexpectedly, The K9 Care Company has grown by leaps and bounds very rapidly! So much so, that it is now how I spend most of my time.


What better way to spend the day than with the  wonderful dogs of our amazing  clients!

I have experience training, handling, and raising puppies to adulthood and am a strong proponent of positive reinforcement. Consistency is key when training, thus I will respect your training regimen. I am very patient, respectful, and cognizant of natural dog behaviour. 

As an active fitness professional I enjoy being outside, and I am fit and strong enough to handle dogs of any size, including extra large breeds and high energy dogs. We have multiple large and beautiful parks and trails within walking distance of our residence that are quite popular with local dog owners. 

We are currently accepting new clients!


So please feel free to reach out with any questions you may have. Hope to hear from you soon!

Send us a message here, or email us at, or call/text us at 519-222-7850 and we’ll get back to you shortly.

Thank you for your interest!

We will get back to you as soon as possible.

Contact Us
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